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Important Dates

June 11 Arrival, First Timer Session 1, 1st, Extended & Full Session campers
June 23 Departure, First Timer Session Campers
July 5 Departure, 1st Session campers
July 7 Visiting Day, Full and Extended Session campers
July 9 Arrival, 2nd Session & First Timer Session 2 campers
July 21 Departure, First Timer Session 2 & Extended Session campers
August 1 Departure, Full, extended and 2nd Session campers

Auto arrivals and departures between 10am and 12pm

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Frequently asked questions

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How does my child get to camp?

Camp Pinewood works closely with a travel agency that secures group seating on several flights out of the Ft. Lauderdale airport. We provide escorts on these group flights, along with detailed information in advance to all enrolled families via email. Some parents choose to make their own arrangements. We ask that you please use the Asheville Airport, located only 10 minutes from camp, and notify our office of your child’s travel plans well in advance so we can make arrangements to meet his or her flight.

Many parents choose to drive their campers to Pinewood and then continue on with their own vacation arrangements, or they choose to pick their child up at the end of the session and then continue with a family vacation. Click here [link to Travel & Visiting Camp] for driving directions and a list of local accommodations.

How do I get the duffle bags to and from camp?

Parents have several options for sending duffle bags to and from Camp Pinewood. We will send information about a courier service with flight information. Parents can have the duffle bags picked up and delivered back to their homes for a fee. No matter what form of transportation your camper uses to get here, you can use the courier service. You can also have duffle bags arrive and depart camp via FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service.

How do you bunk the children in cabins? Will my child’s bunk requests be honored?

Camp Pinewood places campers in cabins according to their age division, the session they are attending and the mutual friend/bunk requests they have currently on file. We will honor all bunk requests as long as both parties attend the same exact session and request each other.

Why does my child need camp clothes?

We ask parents to purchase at least two camp T-shirts and two laundry bags for each camper. These will be available through a new online store that will go live on in April 2013. For safety and quick identification, we require campers to wear their camp T-shirt during all out-of-camp trips. We tag each laundry bag with the camper’s name and cabin number. Uniform color and style of bags makes it easy for the laundry to identify Camp Pinewood bags from the general public. We also have camp sweatshirts available for purchase. The sweatshirts are optional, but keep in mind that we have cold snaps, and our evening temperatures can be quite cool. We will provide enrolled families with instructions on how to purchase these items when the online camp store is up and running.

Why does my child need spending money?

We ask parents to send a specified amount of money depending upon the age and session of their camper. We budget the money so campers will have a small weekly allowance and enough money to pay for admission where required and to buy souvenirs.

What medical care is there at camp?

We have three registered nurses on staff and also employ three nurses’ aides. The Health Center is a modern, fully equipped, air-conditioned facility. It is open from 9am until 11pm daily. Should the need arise for medical care beyond those hours, our nursing staff is always on call. We have several doctors just minutes away, and they work closely with our nursing staff. Additionally Margaret Pardee Hospital is just five minutes away in Hendersonville.

How will I know my child is receiving his or her medications?

We encourage parents to speak directly with a camp nurse if they have any concerns regarding their camper’s health and medication. Our secretaries will be happy to connect you with the Health Center or take a message and have one of the RNs call you back.

How will I be able to communicate with the camp during the summer?

Our camp office opens at 9am Monday through Saturday and 10am on Sunday. Our secretaries are available to answer questions and take messages until 7pm each evening except Saturday, when the office closes at 6pm. We encourage parents to call during parent phone hours when a director will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s assimilation into camp life. We will provide phone hours in the pre-camp information for enrolled families.

How will I know my child is doing well at camp?

Our counselors fill out a daily report card, listing each of their campers and recording any pertinent information as it relates to each camper. For example, Stephanie may have been reported to be in good health, happy and getting along with her cabin-mates, scored the winning goal in the day’s soccer game and was very excited to have danced with a special boy at the night’s social. This information is turned in each night and stored in the main office for reference during parent phone hours when parents can call and speak with a director regarding their child’s progress. We will provide phone hours in the pre-camp information for enrolled families.